Thursday, January 8, 2015

SICB 2015!

I couldn't help but feel like a dorky groupie this past week while attending the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in West Palm Beach Florida. I think my jaw actually dropped slightly when I realized that Daniel Weihs and Paul Webb were BOTH giving a joint symposium talk (which was hysterical!)... I may or may not have "run away" when I noticed Peter Wainwright was coming up to join the conversation I was in because I was so nervous....and thank god I did not realize the man with the Italian accent who commented on my talk was Paolo Domenici until half way through the next talk... I probably would have fainted.... 

But this is why SICB is so awesome! On top of all the great talks, this conference still manages to allow for time to meet some amazing people! Go to workshops that are actually helpful for your future work, and catch up with people you have not seen since the last annual meeting.

Looking forward to the Portland meeting next year, so I can feel like a star-struck teenager all over again... only I actually get to learn things instead of just permanently damaging my hearing!