Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Better late than never

As I sit here and digitize the seemingly endless number of videos and photos collected during my field season this past March, I realized I should probably write a blog before I hypocritically antagonize the rest of you about posting all of your summer adventures. So here it is...

Rick Blob trying to scare some pretty
innocent fish
Home made squirt gun
I spent the last 3 weeks of March in Hawaii trying to scare the snot out of these little fish using a flow tank and what one could describe as a home made squirt gun (a couple of bbq skewers, a syringe and a piece of plastic tubing)... And with much assistance we got to be
pretty darn good at scarring these little buggers!
Super awesome fish that climb waterfalls...
yes these little guys are the climbers!
SEA TURTLE (Almost punched me
in the face...I kind of deserved it)
When not filming the goby version of predator... We spent time snorkeling (aka me chasing sea turtles around for hours with my camera... never has anyone from Orlando felt more like the annoying tourist that invade my home town every summer), and eating the most amazing food I have ever tasted! (When I got back Corbin asked if I did anything besides eat, because the food was really all I talked about for a week)

Overall it was a pretty successful field season and a trip I will remember forever!

o.k. guys now it's your turn... don't forget to post all of your progress/ summer adventures on here when you get a chance!