Monday, August 12, 2013

Kristine Moody creates a hominid evolution exhibit for Long Hall!

One of our BSGSA members, Kristine Moody, has been diligently working with the Department of Biological Sciences, including Stanlee Miller (Curator at the Campbell Natural History Museum), for the past several months to create an exhibit on hominid evolution, and this exhibit received its official unveiling today!  Come check it out!  Just come in through the front entrance of Long Hall, and it'll be straight ahead.

They all did a great job showcasing the sequence of events leading to the evolution of humans, and the major milestones that were associated with some of the major taxa that are on display.

Great job to Kristine for leading this initiative, and to all that helped make this happen!  Thank you for providing a really great public resource for evolutionary education!

Come learn about hominid evolution!  Curious about what we've learned from fossils?

In addition to the general information from the placard, be sure to read the informational cards for each skull!

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  1. Kristine, the hominid evolution exhibit is AMAZING!! It definitely made my day when I walked in a saw it. I'm especially excited about the Ardi skull! How awesome to have that cast included in the exhibit! Thank you for leading this project- What an asset to the building and the department!