Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Thursday!

So... I am not that great at remembering to point the camera at people, but here is a link to some of the photos taken on our hike last Saturday morning so Eric and Vanessa could school the rest of us on how to find/ catch some salamanders. Considering the only salamanders I have ever seen outside of captivity were juvenile Eurycea quadridigitata (dwarf salamanders) that my herp class back in Florida spent 5 hours dip netting through sludge to find 2 individuals, I was pretty excited! We also found some Anaxyrus americanus (american toads) as well on the way back. Oh and the waterfalls were pretty sweet too! Overall the weekend was nice and relaxing and I enjoyed getting to know some of you a little better. Now back to reading about fish and writing my proposal for the NSF GRFP.


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